Monday 03 Jul 2023

Switched Energy Supplier

Found a slightly cheaper energy tariff

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Energy costs have decreased slightly, showing signs of a potential brighter future for utility costs. I have taken the opportunity to switch energy suppliers.

I have moved to Octopus Energy on the following tariff:

31.10p/kWh, 60.18p/day

7.54p/kWh, 27.47p/day

This tariff does not have exit fees, so if anything comes along cheaper than I will switch again. I have not switched supplier since the energy market went out of control. I was with the failed Igloo Energy which resulted in my supply being moved to E.ON Next. I followed someone's link so that I could get £50 credit, and my friend too.

If you want to support my site, and earn yourself £50 then sign-up to Octopus Energy by following this link: