Monday 04 Sep 2023

Split Archives with 7zip

I was playing with tar to split archives but the package does not allow this natively; instead, you need to pipe the output through the split command. To save extra steps, and complexity, I used 7zip through the command line interface.

Compress and split

7z -v50m a ~/Zip/archive.7z ~/pictures/2022/

The above command will create archive sizes of 50 mb and name them:

  • archive.7z.001
  • archive.7z.002
  • archive.7z.003
  • archive.7z.004

Options for -v include:
-v10mb (megabytes)
-v5g (gigabytes)


Now that I have created the split archives, it's time to extract the archive.

7z x ~/Zip/archive.7z.001 -o ~/pictures/2022.2/

Done. It's as easy as that. I will be using these split archives to split larger folder pictures to store in an archive format online, instead of saving hundreds of individual photos.