Thursday 29 Feb 2024

Introducing e2 to my backup plan

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I have switched from Storj to IDrive e2. Recently, Storj announced the removal of the free storage tier ($0.37), which is not a dealbreaker, but in combination with the expensive egress fee, segment fee and issues I have had with download (if I download 100 MB, recorded as 200-300 MB), it was time to move on. I have used Storj for 6 months and I like the distributed cloud model, but there are cheaper storage providers out there. It may seem flippant but once I settle on a storage provider I hope for a long-term relationship, but I am not fearful to try other services.

I know there are lots of criticism of IDrive e2, which I note were around the time the service was new. I did test the service when it was newly released and moved on due to bugs (time out errors) and slow transfer speeds, but after testing again it seemed to be a much more pleasant experience. After uploading to the free tier, I bought 1 TB for 1 year at $15 USD. Sure, it’s not the fastest (0.5-3 Mbps up and 2-3 Mbps down) but not the most expensive. The renewal price will be $30 USD for another year of 1 TB.