Financial Operation

These are the steps I have followed. These steps are not new, and have been published extensively in many varients throughout the financial world. I have chosen my favourite steps.

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Steps to financial success

The Plan

"Spend less than you earn, and invest the rest"

Order to Prioritise

Emergency Fund

  • Save an emergency fund; this should be at least three months of expenses to 6 months. Take into account insurance deductables.
  • Saved as a cash or cash equivalent, such as a savings account at the bank or Premium Bonds.

Pay Off Debts

  • Aggressively pay debts, especially high interest (greater than 3%). Leave mortgage for later.

Save for the Future

  • Save 10-20% of your income. Invest in a global index fund. For example, I use Vanguard as my preferred platform for my investments and buy index funds. If you have additional income, consider extra payments to the mortgage or invest more!

Last updated: 29/12/2022