Protect your pictures and files today

Archive Guardian (AG) is a light-weight python command line utility designed to check file (object) integrity within a directory structure. The hash of the object is stored with the object to check next time the program is run. The meta data file keeps the name of the object plus the extension .aghash0.

It is best used for static objects, such as pictures, archived documents and audio. An excellent use case is on hard drives infrequently accessed. Further use could be to run the command, then upload objects with hash file to the cloud to ensure nothing has changed should you need to restore the objects. After the hash has been produced, further execution of the program will result in the object being hashed and check against the existing hash. Best way to test is run the program, make a chance to the object and run again to see the failed output.

Run periodically to check the integrity of your static archive or backup..


Protect your data with this awesome tool

  • Linux command-line utility
  • Powerful yet light weight
  • Tiny system foot print
  • Runs on Windows and Linux. Can be built from source to any OS (incl. Mac OSX)
  • Easy to use: ag -d /path/to/directory/


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