Common errors and what they mean.


error: could not create database file. Can I write to this directory?

As it states, is the directory you are scanning read only? FG needs access to write the database file.

error: Could not open db

Does FG have read and write acces to the db? If that's the case, db may be damaged. Return a back-up copy.

fatal: SQL query error

Although FG was able to open the database, it could not query the rows. This is bad. Likely damaged database file - restore from backup and try again.


fail: /path/to/file.JPG

This is what FG was designed to do. This messages means the file has been altered or became damaged. Restore the file from back and run the scan again.

Previous prior to 1.2.3 will report failed hash as below:

error: failed hash on /path/to/file.JPG

File System

Fatal: directory does not exist

You provided a location that is not a directory. Check your input.

missing: /path/to/file.PNG

The file is no longer present. It may have been deleted, moved or renamed. If you moved or renamed, the old file meta data will persist in the database.


error: Could not create log file

FG was not able to write to the directory. /path/to/files/dfg.log